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Inscription Luzarches games 24/09/2017

Inscriptions for the Luzarches games of 24th of septembre
The games are the sunday and there is a ceilidh the saturday evening where all the competitors are invited and the hotel room is free for saturday night (2 per room). If there are persons who come with the competitor there is a little fee charge for the room and the ceilidh.

The competition starts at 9am with a breakfast and stop at 17pm with a concert.
This year there are 5 catégories  :
A, B, Masters, Lightweith, Feminin
To organize all the categories could you answer this forms :


(category) The organization can change the category to manage as best as possible the games

(Birthday / Age)

ou indiquez votre club

(hammer) m
(hammer) m
(light stone) m
(heavy stone) m
(weight for distance) m
(weight for distance) m
(weight for height) m
(weight for height) m
(caber) m/kg

donner la longueur et le poids sousl la forme longueur/poids